विलासराव देशमुख कृषि जैवतंत्रज्ञान महाविद्यालय, जि. लातूर - ४१३ ५३१ (महाराष्ट्र)

Vilasrao Deshmukh College Of Agricultural Biotechnology Dist. Latur - 413 531 (Maharashtra)

Farm Field Facility

The College has 15 acres land for research work, crop cafeteria, conduct of practicals, Hands-on-Training, seed production programme etc. On the farm one greenhouse, two polyhouses and five shadenets are available for students’ research work as well as hardening of tissue cultured seedlings. The important equipments available are tractor drawn plough, disc harrow, blade harrow, cultivator, seed drill, etc. For irrigation two bore wells and one well is available. Drip irrigation and sprinkler irrigation facilities are available in this college. Vermicompost unit as well as composting of farm waste material is constructed on the farm.

Srno Facilities available on the farm Quantity
1 Greenhouse 01
2 Polyhouse 01
3 Shadenet house 05
4 Vermicompost unit 01
5 Compost unit (Farm waste) 01
6 Tractor with trolly 01
7 Plough 01
8 Disc harrow 01
9 Seed drill 02
10 Cultivator 01
11 Harrow 01
12 Panji 01